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  • shopping-consumer-complaints

    Shopping – “In Other Words”

    Shopping is a new jagged post-punk dance basket from MÏLK Records.  Their single, In Other Words, puts my neck in it’s usual nervously anxious angle and contradictorily puts my ankles into flexed…

  • goat-band

    Goat – “Dreambuilding” / “Stonegoat”

    Goat’s debut album, World Music, blew me [and many other like-minded wannabe villagers] away with its totemic grooves and refreshingly uninhibited psychedelia. With their new double A side, Dreambuilding/Stonegoat, the voodoo influenced…

  • boards-of-canada-tomorrows-harvest

    Boards Of Canada Album Stream 21:00 BST

    This is a moment we’ve waiting for. The sublime brilliance awaits us like a glitchy trumpet call from Zeus himself. After all the playful and secretive build up which has included a…

  • brightener-make-real-friends-handmade-ep

    Brightener – “Make Real Friends”

    Brightener push the boundaries of wonderfully nice sounding songs with their vacation inducing new EP, Make Real Friends. Nice has long been a cliche, a lazy word, a term for sickeningly polite…

  • tv-girl-she-smokes-in-bed-lonely-girl

    TV Girl – “She Smokes In Bed”

    TV Girl strike again with the hazy magical lo-fi pop, straight out of San Diego, that has hypnotised us for the last couple of years. She Smokes In Bed is the first…

  • no-joy-hare-tarot-lies

    No Joy – “Wait To Pleasure”

    No Joy continue their blustering dreamy musical excursions in a wave of fuzz releasing euphoria on their new LP, Wait To Pleasure. Gone [almost] are the Dionysiac discordant swirls and drones of…