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  • bearhaus-newlyn-art-gallery-cornwall

    Bearhaus art movement forms and ends

    Bearhaus, a new movement in art, formed and ended on Friday night. For the opening night of Drawing A Presence 2016 at Newlyn Art Gallery, arts collective Moogie Wonderland invited attendees to…

  • elvis-depressedly-new-alhambra

    Elvis Depressedly – “New Alhambra”

    Elvis Depressedly return to put the biblical ‘lo’ in lo-fi with their latest collection of whirring songs, New Alhambra. Cothran creates his own testament that reflects on life with apocalyptic anticipation. The…

  • Sister Mantos in Falmouth

    Sister Mantos // 20 June 2015

    It was a night of DIY tropical-punk-funk-electronic-intergalactic-art togetherness when Sister Mantos (LA) and The Quighty (Falmouth) came to play our party at the Fish Factory. Video art, music and performance linked day-glo…

  • glider-stinger

    Glider – “Stinger”

    Glider present a glowing apparition of what description enthusiasts may call ‘a shoegaze implosion in a ball pit’. A ball pit that has pedals for balls and you can’t gaze at your…

  • fowey-cornwall-beach-arts-music

    Moogie Wonderland Lands In Cornwall

    NEWS: I’ve moved to Cornwall in a fairly sudden wave of intrepidness. This means that things are changing for Moogie Wonderland but without changing values. Lucy and Bee will be taking care…