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  • euros-childs-fresh-water-gorkys

    Euros Childs – “Fresh Water”

    Euros Childs is a real pop wizard. Refreshingly, he never completely altered his style after Gorkys Zygotic Mynci ended, as so many ex-frontmen/women do. He continues and continues to do what he…

  • elvis-depressedly-new-alhambra

    Elvis Depressedly – “New Alhambra”

    Elvis Depressedly return to put the biblical ‘lo’ in lo-fi with their latest collection of whirring songs, New Alhambra. Cothran creates his own testament that reflects on life with apocalyptic anticipation. The…

  • a-grave-with-no-name

    A Grave With No Name – “Orion”

    Music enthusiasts get palpitations. The cause is often the anticipation of a great album – foreseeing history (no matter how widely archived) sitting boldly in your music collection. It leads to impatience.…

  • Alex-G-trick-rules

    Alex G – “Trick”

    Philadelphia-based songwriting addict Alex G has just remastered Trick and released it on vinyl/CD (along with another previously Bandcamp-only album, Rules). The album could lazily be situated amongst bedroom pop classics, but…

  • tv-girl-she-smokes-in-bed-lonely-girl

    TV Girl – “She Smokes In Bed”

    TV Girl strike again with the hazy magical lo-fi pop, straight out of San Diego, that has hypnotised us for the last couple of years. She Smokes In Bed is the first…