Chain of Flowers – “Nail Me To Your Cross”

The first time I went satisfyingly slightly deaf in one ear was listening to the kind of post-punk that Chain Of Flowers play (seeing The Chameleons at The Garage). It’s not good to damage your ears, but at the time it makes you realise that a sonic onslaught can be a majestic experience. Its showing of peacock feathers doesn’t have to be a dance with noise torture.

Chain of Flowers bring an organic energy of the golden era of 80s bands, mixed with a furtherance of what many bands today fail to do – not care too much. This is a shimmering riot of muddy shoed guitaring and sweat stained drum skins, with melodic tendencies and belting vocals. It hails the attempts of British Sea Power to be off-kilter as polished blasphemy disguised by onstage tree savagery. DIY for the energetic party punks that just ran in from the rain.

What’s more, they’re playing in Falmouth this Sunday (7 June) thanks to our friends Sonic Lodge. Get a ticket here or stay ridiculously clean.

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