A Grave With No Name – “Orion”

Music enthusiasts get palpitations. The cause is often the anticipation of a great album – foreseeing history (no matter how widely archived) sitting boldly in your music collection. It leads to impatience. Simmering aural twitches.

I’ve stared at my emails for days. I have the yearning eyes of a seven year old holding on to hope that his Polish pen pal will write back. I’m not waiting for a pen pal. I’m waiting for a PR company to reply. I want access to a new album that I’ve heard a glimpse of – ‘Feathers Wet, Under The Moon‘ by A Grave With No Name. My impatience has won. I won’t wait. I can’t write you a polished shimmering dissection of it. In my urgency, I must write you an impression of one song that I know will be on the album. Orion.

If the anticipation of historic music is the reason for this review, then perhaps I should explain a thought: A Grave With No Name have sparked the return of the golden era of lo-fi indie music with their song Orion. Poetry wrapped in a sparkling belt of understated downbeat-ness. Simple and effortless. To spell it out, it’s been produced by Lampchop‘s producer, Mark Nevers; members from Silver Jews, Hebronix and (again) Lambchop appear on it; Alexander Shields (the man behind all this) has relocated from the UK to Nashville; Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) seems to have left ingredients for a song to Shields in his will; and all my Grandaddy, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Smog, Mercury Rev, Elf Power and Yo La Tengo records appear before me in a sprawled ballad. I reminisce as fuzzy layers, clean strums, bouncing bass lines, watery chords and lyrical chimes embrace in a pirouetting pair of speakers. It reveals a new kind of majesty to that which was exclaimed in the band’s previous records. So I write you an impatient dichotomy: a lo-fi recording, with giant instrumentation is about to be unearthed. I will write you again when it is.

Feathers Wet, Under The Moon is released on 5 May 2015 via Lefse Records.

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