Alex G – “Trick”

Philadelphia-based songwriting addict Alex G has just remastered Trick and released it on vinyl/CD (along with another previously Bandcamp-only album, Rules). The album could lazily be situated amongst bedroom pop classics, but it’s more awake than that – it’s a stroll around the house and garden (“Rosie is my favourite dog, takes a piss on the neighbours lawn”). As he does so, he calls up friends for recordings until they come over to lend a hand, has a tinkle on anything that makes a melody, and chatters to himself about his reflections. It’s an album of heavily fluctuating mood, sounding like Giannascoli has hit upon a gloomy lo-fi pastime in one moment but makes a sudden effort to brighten up in the next – a contrast akin to opening thick brown curtains on a sunny morning. Rub your eyes, make some toast, and listen to Alex G.

Trick and Rules are out now on Lucky Number.

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