Brightener – “Make Real Friends”

Brightener push the boundaries of wonderfully nice sounding songs with their vacation inducing new EP, Make Real Friends. Nice has long been a cliche, a lazy word, a term for sickeningly polite society and a reason for fine art tutors to halt a discussion while they unmercifully un-nail the word from the forehead of a nervous, fence-sitting, uninspired, ‘you’re on the wrong course’ art student. When I was small and without art degree, nice was different. Nice was a tasty biscuit, a memory of buttercup fields, an exclamational gasp upon the first glimmer of breasts, an afternoon of rollerskating and a monumentous, Flake 99 filled day at Bembom Brothers. Brightener are bringing nice back and it feels magical.

Make Real Friends is available from Bandcamp and as a hand-assembled CD.

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