Elvis Depressedly – “New Alhambra”

Elvis Depressedly return to put the biblical ‘lo’ in lo-fi with their latest collection of whirring songs, New Alhambra. Cothran creates his own testament that reflects on life with apocalyptic anticipation. The album seems to want to fill Walkman dowsed ears with eerie redemption requests disguised as uncomplicated melodic noise-pop tendencies. Recorded on outdated equipment and nicely lacking in complexity, there is still an entirely mindful approach to the construction of the songs: finger clicking for drums; tremolo washes; Daniel Johnston style tape samples; and the occasional price-cut Twin Peaks bass/drum lines that oddly levitate towards a subtle tropical beat (making this more pop than a first listen suggests).

New Alhambra is an invitation into a melancholically dampened basement during a pivotal post-party realisation about life – one that is milliseconds away from a possible enlightenment. A revelation to be used reflexively at a later date. For fans of Ariel Pink, Elliot Smith and Alex G.

New Alhambra is out on Orchid Tapes (cassette) or Run For Cover Records (vinyl). The cassettes are sold out, but Orchid Tapes are renowned for pressing new editions.


Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra

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