Euros Childs – “Fresh Water”

Euros Childs is a real pop wizard. Refreshingly, he never completely altered his style after Gorkys Zygotic Mynci ended, as so many ex-frontmen/women do. He continues and continues to do what he seems to enjoy most and does best: bouncing piano magic. Maybe the days of the most intense lo-fi weirdness are slightly behind him (although i get the impression he’d never be afraid to put that pointy hat back on), but the mastery of Childs’ music is in the ability for that to seem like an optional add-on and not an abandoned youth. This is because it is unashamedly fun. There aren’t enough people writing pop in such a way where you can enjoy it for the writing itself. There is no expensive production wand, and there is no DIY fakery spell. All there is is pop, and here, pop is all you need.

Childs’ latest single, “Fresh Water” will be out on his own label, The National Elf Library, on 15 Jan and will be available here.

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