Glider – “Stinger”

Glider present a glowing apparition of what description enthusiasts may call ‘a shoegaze implosion in a ball pit’. A ball pit that has pedals for balls and you can’t gaze at your shoes because of all the fuzz (it’s also probable that the ball pit is in a cave that’s being pummelled from above by Aphrodite with a reverb stick). In unashamedly obvious terms, their music is similar to the discordant renditions of life-affirming sound orchestrated by My Bloody Valentine (but Kevin Shields has been told to hurry up and make a record) or bashed out by Slowdive (with heightened pace, like a drum-tinted fitness test with beeps included). In modern times, there’s something joyously No Joy about it too, thanks to its underlying constant drone wall and occasional voice-draping. The textured chaos is like a Pollock painting that’s still dripping wet but you don’t have to stare at it in a boredom-trance for hours. This is ingredient led euphoria. Cornwall should be all ears. If only Carlyon Bay could be developed into a noise-soaked ball pit edging a square waved sea.

Stinger is currently available on Bandcamp.

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