Laura Groves – “Committed Language EP”

In her latest EP, Laura Groves reveals an intricate route to trying to understand her own reality. She reflexively weaves in and out of dreamy pondering and tactile insight – this is brainstorming a life-novel rather than the permanent penning of autobiography. The lavish soulfulness of Committed Language appears to merge the synth lined elements of Arthur Russell with a few vocal limbs of Kate Bush. Like her late 20th century foremothers of soul, she eloquently trickles a voice unhinged over nostalgia ridden backing tracks of deep beats and meandering drones. This is an EP of lush sparseness that knows when to swell and un-swell as if it is a ball that bounces in slow motion, expanding its waist at the lowest point and fully retracting at its wavering peak – motility on record.

Committed Language is currently out on DEEK Recordings.

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