Lizzy Mercier Descloux Reissues

With a NY underground scene stirring as if a meeting point for outcasts – an Orwellian Chestnut Tree Café for artists, poets and musicians – the 70s was a playground for experimentalists like Lizzy Mercier Descloux.  Friends with Patti Smith and Richard Hell, and with a lifetime of listening to the controversially minded pop of Serge Gainsbourg, Mercier Descloux threw a rebellious and charasmatic ‘strange pop’ bâton into the vast concrete jungle. Her minimalist staccato blend was almost ahead of its time – merging disco, afrobeat, funk and punk into a world of loose rhythms and contorted sounds. The No Wave scene was full of bands experimenting with known genres, but Mercier Descloux seemed to be the one that experimented with them all, cementing her influence on a wide array of bands such as Sonic Youth and Shopping.

Light In The Attic reissued her debut album Press Color earlier this year, and will be continuing with the archival series in 2016 by releasing reissues of the late Parisian’s nomadic albums Mambo Nassau, Zulu Rock, One for the Soul and Suspense. The LPs are available to order here.


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