No Joy – “Wait To Pleasure”

No Joy continue their blustering dreamy musical excursions in a wave of fuzz releasing euphoria on their new LP, Wait To Pleasure. Gone [almost] are the Dionysiac discordant swirls and drones of Ghost Blonde, which turned bedrooms into natural k-holes, and instead the Canadian shoegazers have arrived at something more melodic. You can tell that the band have bursted into a studio as it shines with clarity and depth. While it is a shame that the DIY filament has blown, it doesn’t detract from what is a shimmeringly brilliant piece of work.

Wait To Pleasure is currently out on Mexican Summer.

No Joy – Hare Tarot Lies from jason harvey on Vimeo.

Directed by Jason Harvey
Featuring: Madeline Glowicki, Kiera McNally, Salina Ladha, Corbin Ordell, Rebecca Storm, Olivia Whittick
Production Assistants: Jeremy Dabrowski, Spencer Gilley

From the new album, Wait To Pleasure, out now on Mexican Summer.

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