Portfolio of work

Below are some examples of Moogie Wonderland’s work over the years

Scores of People:

Thanks to Arts Council England Emergency funding, Scores of People saw 14 commissioned artists and 100 public participants create, share, and respond to graphic scores during lockdown. Here are some examples:

Build Your Own Synth:

Thanks to Arts Council England Emergency funding, we were able to create tutorials on how to make cheap electronic synthesisers and send out 120 kits to children in Cornwall. Here is one of the tutorials:


We have run several co:noise activities designed to help people participate in music regardless of financial situation, background, age, or perceived ability. Attendees can get involved at an event or a workshop and either build an instrument or perform experimental music to an instantly high standard. Events have included a concert where the audience improvised on noise stations while Damo Suzuki (Can) improvised vocals over the top, and children’s workshops.


We were commissioned by Newlyn Art Gallery for their Drawing a Presence event. We made furry green bear hats for attendees to wear – in doing so they became part of the Bearhaus movement, where they could create a manifesto and improvise art.

Very Long Arms:

We were commissioned by TATE to create a participatory piece for their SWITCH Festival. We created 10m long arms that young attendees could use to make performances and temporary sculptures.