Suzie – “I Must Be Dreamin”

Minneapolis-based Suzie chuck their stonewashed bedroom pop into the ‘chillwave isn’t dead just yet’ pile for their synthetically hazy number, I Must Be Dreamin’. Recently spun into the Chiller IV: Night of the Living Chill compilation by Chill Mega Chill and Forged Artefacts Records, the track sits tall as a lanky younger brother of bands like Neon Indian, Summer Camp and Ariel Pink. While critics of chillwave continue to question the broad genre’s longevity, bands like Suzie prove there is worth in continuing to blend wet 80s production with landlocked beach vibes. There is nothing wrong with a good pop song, and sometimes even a saxophone works out okay. Do not tumble dry.


Chiller IV: Night of the Living Chill is out now on double cassette (including download), and is available here.

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