Tunes of the week #1

We’ve decided it’s high time we put over 3 years of the Moogie Wonderland bears DJing into an episodical [is that even a word?] broadcast on our blog.  Every week we’ll try and remember to post 6 songs [new//old//older] here for you to check out.  That way you can find out what we generally play at Moogie Wonderland and keep track of new stuff we might play.

I’ll start as to be honest i only just decided we should do this and got too excited before texting Dave about it. Enjoy. Matt.

1. Of Montreal – An Eluardian Instance. Well, it’s taken me a while to find another video [other than Id Engager] off Skeletal Lamping for some reason. An amazing album by the way – full of upbeat songs that are a little bit rude mainly but totally lovely at the same time. But here we are, a nice little video that sees me on my knees begging for sunshine.

2. Internet Forever – Cover The Walls. This is a lovely band – they may be a bit ‘art school’ but who cares? Played at my old Club MILK warehouse party last year and they we’re great. Admittedly i didn’t really get to see them as i might have been selling beverages from a bath tub at the time.

3. Herman Dune – I Wish That I Could See You Soon. Had to put this up as it has been one of our Moogie ‘anthems’ from the very beginning. We have a couple of those bear hats. I’d give you instructions on how to make them, but they’ve been taken down off the Bearsuit site – booo [and roar].

4. France Gall – Laisse Tomber Les Filles. Another Moogie Anthem, this time showing our love of French music. Lot’s of people ask us for April March – Chic Habit. We don’t have it, we have this version and we don’t understand it.

5. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby. The Beach Boys were a huge influence on many of the bands we play at Moogie Wonderland – such as Camera Obscura, The School, Animal Collective/Panda Bear, Super Furry Animals, Neon Indian and Washed Out to name a few.

6. Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes. And this is one of those artists. Thanks Beach Boys!

PS. I wanted to mention a new Broken Social Scene song here.  Download it from Stereogum, it’s brilliant: BSS – World Sick

Oh and and thanks to everyone who came along last night, it was a great one. Next Moogie is Sat 27th March.

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