Tunes Of The Week #3 [sipping sessions special]

This Friday [18th Feb], we are starting our brand new second monthly night at Rochester Coffee Co called “Sipping Sessions“. These will be the little sister of our nights at Poco Loco and will be a more laid back affair so you can sit back, sip coffee/tea/beer/cider/wine/champagne/cocktails and listen to the stuff we don’t get to play so much at our main nights. Here are 5 top tunes for this week which are the kind of things you can expect at the sipping sessions:

1. Stereolab – Moogie Wonderland. Ever wondered where we got our name from? Matt and Dave had decided to put on an ‘indiepop and art’ night due to mutual love of Stereolab and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and sat around Dave’s flat in June 2006 looking through tracklistings of records for name inspiration. And there it was…on the back of Stereolabs Oscillons From The Anti-Sun [it’s also a b-side to Ping Pong]. Close contenders were Miss Modular [another Stereolab track], Disco Volante by Cinerama and Les Sucettes by France Gall et Serge Gainsbourg.

2. Le Futur Pompiste – Five Hundred Heartbeats. Here we have from Finland a band who Matt discovered many moons ago but still hasn’t bought their records…need to get round to that! Very much sounding like the much missed Warp Records favourites¬†Broadcast, Le Futur Pompiste create 60s sci-fi style blips and haunting melodies.

3. YMCK – Magical 8-Bit Tour. Japanese pop is very dear to our hearts. It’s about as twee as it gets. It makes Nintendos melt and joysticks tremble.

4. The Pastels – Crawl Babies. Here’s a classic band from the C86 era. We’ll be playing lots more of this kind of stuff than we can usually get away with.

5. Alan Hawkshaw – Girl In A Sports Car. Well, library music. We love it! There will be plenty of fine KPM moments for you all to lounge around to at the sipping sessions.

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