Tunes Of The Week #4 [King Of Gyms]

The following is a musical exercise routine. Gather your limbs and listen to the sounds around. You can breathe too. Try breathing through your ears. Or simply listen to this concoction of aural bliss:

1. Gruff Rhys – Sensations In The Dark. Ah, Moogie Wonderland superhero of Super Furry Animals fame kicks off this routine with the perfect indiepop song. At first you wonder if he’s going to go all Bacardi advert on our ass but then the drummer dons a snorkel and you soon realise that actually Gruff has followed in the footsteps of his longtime chum, Euros Childs with sweet bouncing piano loveliness. Check out the staccato brass section – it brings to mind Spanky Wilson’s brilliant version of Sunshine Of Your Love.

2. The Salt Water Taffy – Finders Keepers. This is a gem of an accidental discovery. I was looking for something from the Finders Keepers label on Youtube [see number 3] and this came up instead [as did the Beach Boys song of the same name]. This is what pop should be defined as instead of all those wannabe losers weepers.

3. Bruno Spoerri – The Race. So here is a track from Gluckskugel released on our friend Doug Shipton’s amazing label of rarities, Finders Keepers. Apparently Bruno worked with members of legendary Krautrockers, Can [incidentally, Matt’s new gig night in Medway, TEA kicks off on the LV21 ship in Gillingham with the singer of Can, Damo Suzuki on 24th Sept – keep a lookout for news of tickets for that]. But back to the track – it’s blippy genius!

4. Sroeng Santi – Ba Bor Por Khan [Crazy Same Same]. Lately we’ve been really getting more and more into Thai funk/psych from the 60s and 70s – expect it to be integrated into Moogie Wonderland nights soon. Here’s a great tune from the Zudrangma label:

5. Toro Y Moi – Still Sound. Keeping in line with slightly funky things, here we have Toro Y Moi who has injected some extra funk into the chill-wave sound.

6. Jonny – Candyfloss. Oh ok, one more [out of a whole host of many to choose from – have to wait until next week]. I wanted to play something off Teenage Fanclub’s classic album, “Songs From Northern Britain”, at the Moogie Wonderland Sipping Sessions on Friday but thought i’d forgot to bring it [turns out it was there all along]…luckily Brian from The Understudies was there with an equally great plan. He brought with him Jonny – the new project of aforementioned Gorkys man Euros Childs and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake. Wonderfully strummy and melodic Welsh/Scot lo-fi godness that sounds like the soundtrack to living in lighthouses [sorry, scraping at barrels there to link to another amazing but a little off-tangent video to check out].

And relax. Excercise over. Now you can impress with your well-tuned muscles.

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