Tunes of the Week #5 [spin this!]

Summer has arrived like a bee with purpose. Bzzzz! Get out your orange juice and do some groovy picnic moves to the sound of all things sunkissed. These are those sounds:

1. Broken Social Scene – Texico Bitches. Taken from their latest masterpiece, Forgiveness Rock Record [one of the best albums of recent years], Texico Bitches has as much bounce to it as the Baywatch intro [complete with ‘whoops’].

2. The Lodger – The Good Old Days. [beware: infectious indiepop!] The Lodger are a Moogie newbie, although we are a few years behind. Caused for  lot of shoulder shuffling from Lucy and Bee at our Greyscale World research day at the Rochester Artist Resource Centre earlier today.

3. Karia Nomoto – Karly. Discovered Karia Nomoto a while back and fell in love like a kitten to a bit of string. Japanese with 60s french pop/bossa nova/Twiggy stylings. Incredibly pretty. Voice that melts all ice in the north pole. More importantly, produced by Pizzicato 5 founder, Yasuharu Konishi.

4. Modular – Playa Biquini. This video is pure Moogie…it’s how we dream our world should be. Modular are on spanish indiepop label, Elefant Records, who bands like Camera Obscura, My Little Airport, The School and Fitness Forever all have associations with.

5. La Casa Azul – El Sol No Brillara Nunco Mas. The europop amazingness continues with another Elefant Records band. La Casa Azul are winners of our top 3 festival moments award with their rendition of Love Is In The Air at Indietracks 2009.

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