Tunes of the Week #7 [here stays the sun]

The autumn sun has confused the living daylights out of us like when it turned out flying penguins were just a mean old practical joke by the beeb. Sun and nature will sort us all out.

1. Summer Camp – Better Off Without You. Well this is obvious – do a blog post about summer and find bands with summer in the name. If you’ve been to Moogie Wonderland over the last year, you’ll have heard us play the incredibly sun infested tracks from Summer Camp’s debut EP ‘Young‘. This new single taken from their forthcoming album ‘Welcome to Condale‘ sacrifices brilliant lo-fi sounds for polished production and Best Coast style vocals – which is great on paper but a mild disappointment in Summer Camp’s case. Here it is nonetheless.

2. Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness. Now for something a bit more brilliant! Burning Hearts released their ‘Into The Wilderness’ EP earlier this year and it is stunning. Very dreamlike and like nothing i’ve heard for a little while which is refreshing.

3. Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters. Arguably the genius of sun soaked music [ok, so there’s Brian Wilson too], Gruff Rhys gives us a catchy but unusually melancholic track.

4. Stefano Liberati – Abissi Violenti. A new internet discovery of general wierdness/amazingness happened the other week. After stumbling across a soundtrack by Stefano Liberati when looking up KPM library music, i ordered the vinyl straight away for it’s funky thriller music. Then i looked up the actual film of the soundtrack and discovered it’s a scuba diving naked girls horror film [the genre is probably something like scubarotica]. I also discovered that someone’s made a list of any film containing scuba diving girls. What the flip?!

5. TV Girl – Baby You Were There. Hawaiian stylings will always fill us with joy here at Moogie [ever since we did our Hawaiian themed night]. TV Girl, one of our new favourite discoveries, fill up this track with Hawaiian loveliness and sunkissed breeziness which makes us want to go on ice-cream dates. Anyone looking to go on ice-cream dates with us should email us with an in-depth description of their favourite cupcake.

6. Hotel Mexico – Dear Les Friends. Another new band for you [actually recommended by TV Girl]. Dear Les Friends evokes hazy July memories and evenings sitting around in shades and grass. We think it’s pretty similar to Ariel Pink with it’s high pitched muffled vocals, melody soaked riffs and occasional discordance.

7. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Ffrends. Following on from having songs with ‘friends’ in the title and muffled vocals, this is another melodic catchy song. Despite having an daft respelling of words, Ffunny Ffrends has captured our imagination this week with it’s simplicity – it keeps looping in our heads when we’re trying to make posters and watch scubarotica. Possibly set to be a Moogie anthem in the same way that Twin Sister’s ‘All Around And Away We Go‘ caused quite a lot of people to give us their mobiles.

8. Dino, Desi & Billy – Thru Spray Coloured Glasses. Nothing need be said, just watch and swoon.

9. Tiny Fireflies – So Sad To Say Goodbye. And in a moment the unexpected sun will go and the impending doom of winter will hit us like a brick to a shin. Tiny Fireflies are a whispier Camera Obscura with the sweetness of The Marshmallow Kisses and the ability to turn that brick into a bag of feathers.

Moogie Wonderland is this Saturday at Oliver’s, Rochester High Street…hear much of this music there!

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