Tunes of the Week #8 [party on]

We are optimists. We set our season clocks to maximum optimism. Summer starts 1st Jan and ends 31st Aug. This ‘blip’ we are having with what they are giving a buzz word of ‘rain’ is NOT meant to be happening. Our souls and values are being challenged and we’re descending into a hell-ward spiral. What we want is a bucket load of summer party times! Read on…

1. Tigercats – Full Moon Reggae Party. Tigercats like to party in their songs. They used to be Esiotrot. They liked to party in their songs too, being part of the Mentalist Association and all. This song has the bounce of a really cool unexpected mattress you jump on in Debenhams and you’re like, ‘Hey, this is really bloody bouncy’. They are playing at Indietracks this year, and in Rochester this month too.

2. Eternal Summers – Millions. Pretty girls smashing up TVs in hot sun? Yes please! Matt once smashed up 23 TVs in hot sun [true story] and can inform you that it is definitely a form of party. Eternal Summers are fairly new to Moogie – we’ve not played them yet, but we will at the next one! Bring yer telly.

3. TV Girl – Loud and Clear. Naturally, TV Girl flows on from the topic of the previous video. We’ve been getting well into TV Girl over the last year [Benny and the Jetts is a great track!] and here is a new song of theirs. They’ve injected a bit of The Go! Team style into their chill wave summeryness.

4. Bayatas – The Sound of Seventeen. Talking about chill wave summeryness…here’s something we recently discovered thanks to hearing the b-side on the PORTALS blog [we also found this gem there].

5. The Wave Pictures – I Love You Like A Madman. And finally, here’s a nice sun induced Moogie Wonderland indiepop ‘anthem’. There’s loads of brass and talk of bras too. Oh my! They are playing in Rochester this summer [details here] and even lovelier is that fellow Moogie Wonderland founder, Dave Goggin, is returning to Rochester to play the gig as well with new project Vlks [think Serge Gainsbourg orchestration meets Graham Coxon to discuss the future of lo-fi music].

And so to party on: Moogie Wonderland’s indiepop art club night is at the Singapora Lounge on Friday 6th July, 9pm – 3am. YES!

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